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From an early age on, Roeland Ruijsch knew that the only way to fulfill his life was by creating music. After studying at the Conservatory in Maastricht and Musictechnology in Hilversum in The Netherlands, he worked hard to make this life a reality. Over a period of 20 years, he has collaborated succesfully with many advertising and media companies, as well as local and foreign artists. When he got awarded as a top ten finalist in the Dutch BUMA/Stemra Songwriter Competition of 2009 , made him inspire to attend the inspirational songwriting workshops of Ralph Murphy and Pat Pattison in LA to further his knowledge in the craft of songwriting. His songs and tracks have seen succesfull placements in several advertisement and TV shows in the US, Asia, Australia and Europe. Clients like E!, CBS, MTV, HBO and shows like “Pretty Little Liars”,“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, “Disney”, "The Real L Word”and “Intelligence”. Besides being songwriting and producer, Roeland Ruijsch has been a professional guitar player for 30 years.


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