Where The Spark Of Creativity
Will Be Cristalized Into A Great Song.

With music production costs at a historical “All time low” and worldly distribution at your fingertips, the need to make your song stand out above the clutter that consumes us all is needed now more than ever. Songwriting is still about actually writing a song. It starts off with a spark, an idea, emotion, or theme that needs to feel complete. Through a variety of songwriting techniques, in which we have a lot of experience, we can give your idea, song, or demo the home it deserves. We have the experience to build upon a theme, make it twist, write multiple hooks, and understand where the melody should hit the beat or the offbeat, culminating in a complete song. And this experience is combined with the knowledge of how to use phrasing, the use or twist of common expressions, Slang, POV and the “Laws of Songwriting”.

When Music Matters Most.

Songwriting is about writing the script that takes your listener into your story step-by-step. Making it memorable. Getting it “Hooked” into the heart of your listener. And making your audience want to play it over and over again. Below you can find some examples of our latest work:

Where A Good Song
Grows Into A Great Song.

Roeland Ruijsch Songwriting Studio is a music studio where we don’t try to write a good song, but work to create a Great Song! Many years of experience and expertise in songwriting, music production, arranging, an vocal recording will give your musical project the “shine” and attention it deserves. In our studio you can get full exclusive treatment for all songwriting related topics such as Topline (Melody) Composing, Song Coaching, Music Arranging, Sound design, Music Production and Vocal Recording with Coaching and Mastering.

Come And Smell The Coffee!

Don’t hesitate to drop in to share your thoughts with Roeland. The door of his studio is always open and a nice cup of coffee is waiting for you.

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About Roeland

Recently Roeland Ruijsch produced several singles that were successful. Over the years he has collaborated with many artists, He was a top ten finalist in the Dutch National Songwriter Competition of 2009 and was one of the lucky few to be in masterclasses of songwriting with Ralph Murphy and Pat Pattison. His songs and tracks have been successfully placed in several advertisement and TV shows in the US, Australia and Europe. Clients like E!, CBS, MTV, HBO and shows like “Pretty Little Liars”, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, “Banshee”, MTV’s “Made” and “Big Lips Texas”, “The Real L Word”and “Intelligence”. Besides songwriting and composing Roeland Ruijsch has been a proffessional guitar player in the successful hit musical ‘Mama Mia’ He has been playing in different coverbands for over 20 years, teaching for over 10 years.